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If you are not ready to part with decentralized money, at a time when prices are relatively low, but need some fiat cash to cover costs in times of crisis, Bitrust Limited crypto-backed loans is a working solution.

A number of platforms offer this type of service and their popularity is growing among cryptocurrency enthusiasts who are intent on hodling.

Cooperation within the blockchain space helps to expand the coverage of crypto credit and banking services.

Bitrust Limited has launched a crypto lender firm targeting shareholders that has an up liner or down liners who has joined the holidays Proposals or Insurance Program.

Shareholders who are interested can borrow a limited amount of $3000 to $30000 with 0.5 interest rate per month and a limited payment duration of 2 weeks to 6 months.

Bitrust Limited Is A Crycptocurrency Insurance Company Sponsored By Blockchain.

Address: 160 Kemp House City Road London.